Thursday, May 14, 2009

I want to write I want to write I want to write I want to write

But I don't have anything to say.

Go figure. Me, verbose, chatty cathy, never shuts up me doesn't have anything to write about.

Chalk it up to being tired.

Going to the beach in the morning! Second time this year. I think I'm starting late in the season, boo hoo, but living in Florida means the beach is open year round! Tan tan tan. Hm I lost five pounds during my drinking binge last week but I started eating again and put two back on. Still wanna lose five by the 23 (which is our next party). Why five? It's not noticeable. No, but five this month, and five next month, and five the next month...and you're sure as shit that's noticeable. So there. On top of the five minus two I lost last week. We'll just tell me it's water weight. Plus that was an at night weigh. Mmhmm that's what we'll tell me.

Leaving the dishes. I've done like all the dishes, made all the ice, vacuumed, mopped...I'm the one keepin this mother freakin house clean. But actually in my head it's ok, because I want it to stay clean clean while others seem to be comfortable in a mildly less than spotless state. Not my fault they don't live up to my expectations. They are MY expectations. And hey, while we're at it, bedrooms are off limits. You can be the cleanest most organized person in the world, but your bedroom is allowed to be messy. Not a war zone or a pig sty or a nuclear blast site. But messy. As long as it stays confined to the bedroom.

I got an entire bag full of books to donate here, and I think another bag's worth at the old house. Purging my stuff, slowly but surely. My next goal is to unpack these three boxes in the middle of my room, purge, put away. Then I'm going to start working on this towering stack of magazines I've been collecting for two years. Recycling all those, so they may sit for a bit until I can find a place to recycle newspaper.

Clothes. That's what is going to kick my ass is getting rid of clothes. I always hope I'll lose weight so I'm afraid to get rid of anything that doesn't fit. Especially since I haven't ever worn a lot of it. Hello tags still on clothes.

My back hurts! I just spent half an hour cleaning the ceiling fan in the living room. It was NASTY. Gonna do mine next, not as nasty but still slightly daunting. My goal is to learn to get in a groove of keeping things clean and not allowing the overwhelming mess that my room used to turn into. Of course, having a larger room is a factor, as is no longer being in my parents home. Entitlement changes a person.

Watched Dracula 2000, II, & III. All really good movies with really bad acting. But Jeremy *Jason?* London is HOT. Well they both are, whichever.

How many movies have I missed because I was *otherwise* occupied? LOL. A lot. Damn waste of time & electricity. But damn worth it.

Really want to read something but not sure what. Picked up a couple different things but wasn't caught on the first page so I put them back down. Ordered my Amazon stuff; no new books after this. SOOO many books & movies I already own & need to read/watch.

Ok I think I'm finally tired so off to bed I go. I need to find my sunscreen before we leave. I know I said I didn't have anything to say...and really I didn't. Mostly telling you what's going on. No insight.

We don't need to have insight every day. Been reading a lot of horoscopy stuff that I've found through the blog of one of my fave modern authors. Good stuff. Found some really neat stuff about Druidic zodiac; I emailed you the link.


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