Saturday, September 20, 2008

From 06*14*06

Driving twelve hours with my sister yesterday.

Made me realize.

I have a good sense of awe.

Kids do not.

What is awe?

Opening a new pack of hiliters.

The crack when you open a new hardback book.

Power lines. Over water.

Planes. People can fly.

People laughing at the scene of a car accident. *not a bad one, just a minor one

Taking random pictures.

Driving, hopelessly lost, and getting to laugh.


The way the sun looks after it rains.

Connecting with a stranger in the car over.

Bottle feeding a kitten.

Writing a new poem.

Using intelligent words like nothing.

Him making you feel good...

Him noticing, when no one else did.

Finding things you forgot you had that are completely awesome.

Paper. Pens. Being able to write.


Clicking with people like there's no tomorrow.

GMO's. Ask me, I can write a book.

The fact that people never change but never remain the same.

Yes, the sky is pretty.

I love you.

I'm full of awe these days.

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