Saturday, September 20, 2008

From 06*16*06

How do you deny yourself?

When I start to get interested or involved in someone/something, I put all of my energy towards that thing--I become obsessive. To a fault. Like freakishly obsessive.

How do you tell your mind no? How do you keep from doing what it is inherent for you to do? How do you deny your nature, your natural tendency for a thing?

Every time I obsess about something, it can be going perfectly, and as soon as that little personality pokes its little head out, everything goes wrong, fast. I know that it will, yet I still obsess. How do I get over that? How do I tell my mind no?

Discipline. It is the answer to everything. Andrew be damned, he was right. You must express discipline. You must be discipline. There is no room for chaos, there must be no room for confusion or permisiveness. Everything that happens from you must be controlled to have ultimate fulfillment.

There is no good thing without work. There is nothing worth having that is given to you.

Take up your cross and follow Me; Deny yourself and you will be given life.

All we are are whited sepulchres, ready to show off...and dead inside.

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