Saturday, September 20, 2008

From 06*07*06

Fate. How big a part does it play? Do we make our own future? Or are certain things destined to happen, no matter what we do? Who decides when free will ends and destination begins?

Are we bound to our path? Are we destined to do a thing, no matter how hard we try to avoid? Can we succeed in changing our future? Can we prevail over what has already been written?

Is it written down? Is it like sand on the beach, that is easily erased when the tide comes in? Or does the tide simply rewrite, acting as a harbinger for what is meant to come, what is meant to be?

Is our life chosen for us? Are we merely robots, acting on a fulfillable track, never knowing we do not choose our own? Can we avoid what should happen? Can we mess up through our inadequacies?

Forever is forever, and now is just a moment. Today is the tomorrow you dreamed of yesterday--and the yesterday you lament tomorrow. Is it up to us to decide how we feel?

Is there a book with our path already written, our story already told? Or do we take up pen and paper and write down the journey ourselves? Do we get to erase, to rewrite?

Who writes the soundtrack for our lives? Who decides where the punctuation goes? Do we censor ourselves for lack of decency? Do we fret about what those may think in the next?

Go to bed. Think on these things. So many questions unanswered. Our answers are supposed to be there and they are not. We have to think for ourselves. But are they thoughts someone has already had?

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