Saturday, July 09, 2011

Yes, please

So my dad did a really cool thing last night...

He surprised us with tickets to Alhambra dinner theater.  We went and ate a scrumptious meal: spinach salad with gorgonzola, cherry tomatoes, walnuts, and mango saffron vinaigrette; lavender seared chicken, truffle mac n cheese, steamed veggies; and a wonka cake! Chocolate cake, chocolate whipped cream, regular whipped cream, m&m's, chocolate bits, blueberries, and strawberry drizzle.  Divine.

The musical was Willy Wonka!  It was way super cute, and I'm glad I went even though I had a crappy evening before that.

They're giving me a queen size bed, the first time I'll have a bed bigger than a twin size!  And Michelle said we're all getting cruises for Christmas.  Very exciting.  The best part, though, came this morning.  They're gonna go ahead and buy my ticket to Seattle for me!  I'll just pay them back as I have the money.  I'm going Oct 30 through Nov 6, and I'm so looking forward to it.  I had wanted to go closer to Thanksgiving, but it didn't work out.  Last year Michelle had bought us some tickets to Missourri that we ended up not using, so we're using those as vouchers, and the airline doesn't fly from Seattle to Jacksonville after that date in November.  Oh, well.  I'll see Wesley sooner! And also she's planning on getting a beach house sometime in August for a week.

So lots and lots of good news.

I need to do SOMETHING this weekend.  Something productive.  Definitely need to do laundry, I have no clean work clothes....things have been worn two and three times (oh yes, sniff test in progress).  My savior was that I got two new shirts this week, a manager polo and a promotion tee.  I hate doing laundry now, lugging it down 2 flights of stairs, all the way to the front office, and either walking back home and going up and down to transfer to the dryer and pick them up, or spending two hours down at the laundry room waiting to switch and then dry.  Bleh.

Also, not having a microwave blows.  I miss popcorn.  Our microwave died shortly after moving in, and I haven't the money and Kevin hasn't the inclination to buy a new one.  Ah, well.  Such is life.

I finished an excellent collection of short stories this week.  I really am loving the library being right across the street.

I'm stuck.  I haven't made much headway on my gigantic pile of magazines (3 subscriptions dating back 2 years, 2 other subscriptions dating back 3 years).  How can that information still even be valid, you ask?  Well Better Homes & Gardens, Self, and Oprah aren't really time sensitive, and GQ and Wired still have amazing articles and information in them.  GQ ran out this month...I think Wired should run out soon as well.  Oprah's subscribed for several more years 8) Thank the light for Coke points.

Caught up on my blogs today.  I love finding inspiration everywhere.  I just need to use it.

P.S. Morgan, please don't be daunted when you see your essay is 1000 words.  Think of how many words you post in each blog entry, and how long does that actually take?  The long part is picking an idea, researching, and citing.  The writing is easy.

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