Wednesday, January 07, 2009


This is from M's 2nd blog, the dates are not right on it so idk what day.

i want to have plugs in my ears and have hair that is short and dark and i want to go to coffeehouses and drink juice and read books in the couches with my feet tucked under me. i wanna have tattoos that just barely peek out from beneath t-shirts or that are hidden underneath comfy sweaters and i want to be thin and walk around in my flipflops or converse, that are also hidden beneath jeans or dark dress pants...i want to have my headphones on and listen to music and go to shows and not rock out, but rather stand to the side and look lost in the music and write in my journal and write beautiful things at that and look interesting and then when i go outside, drop my skateboard on the ground and mess with it and smoke my black and milds and talk and be mysterious and funny and witty and carefree.... i want to walk with a peaceful kind of flare
i want to live in st. pete and go to the beach on weekdays when not so many people are there, and walk around in the sand, and go to shows at the state theatre and watch the bands, and go shopping at the consignment shop. i want to work in a music store or an art gallery or a book store and do my artwork for myself as i get my interpreter's certificate.....i want to be myself.....damnit..i'm getting there..but not yet.

I like that.

Ok so I realized I haven't written in a VERY long time. Like pen and paper. And the fact that I have a desk and loads of time, it baffles me why I haven't even attempted.

Reformatted my pc. Used my windows disk, kept my wireless driver on my ipod, and used all drivers from the websites. Hopefully I won't get bluescreened. Only time will tell. Not registering until the last possible moment, just in case.

So the guy who sent me the charm ♥'s me; the guy flying into Jville next week ♥'s me; and some guy in Austin ♥'s me. The guy in Austin, he talks to me about art, and I swear I feel like it's you joking around! Tonight he was talking about how he's learning to sew because he picked up two cool chairs on the side of the road, and he pulled off the upholstery and he's going to add massage things and headsets to turn them into gamer chairs, and he's going to make slipcovers. Amazing. And he does art, and he adds his stuff to his myspace for me to look at.

I don't like when guys like me.

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mjb said...

do you not like guys liking you because it changes the whole vibe and create some sort of expectations or obligation to their feelings? too much pressure in a relationship that you just want to be open and at ease....?

and god, jesus, good lord, i'm not sure how i feel going back and looking at old stuff like that. why did you like it?