Thursday, July 21, 2011


I bought a scale today.  Thus begins my journey.

I don't know how radically honest I want to be, or if this is even the correct platform.  I'm not sure what markers and failsafes I can put into place to help me on my way to being healthier.  And happier.

I guess, in the end, the answer is me.

Always me.

Wesley and I are going to make lists of all the reasons we want to lose some weight.  Of course, he's practically a bean pole, but hey. 

So my dad's fiancee bought me a microwave.  You don't realize just how much you come to rely on such a simple innovation until you don't have it.  No popcorn, takes forever to make hot pockets, really difficult to eat many types of leftovers, impossible to make some kinds of frozen dinners.  Have to dirty tons of pots and pans just to make spaghettios and soup.  But no more!  =)

I've fallen completely in love with tumblr'ing!  Feeds my visual soul like woah.  Takes up too much time, of course =).  Also watched all 6 seasons of Bones in the last couple weeks, so I'm caught up for the new season this fall!  I am totally immersed in the world and the characters.  This is the first day in weeks I haven't watched Bones, and I'm definitely missing it. I've dreamt about the show/characters/world almost every night since I started watching it.  The only other show I've ever been this immersed in was Dark Angel.  Such good shows.  Coincidentally, both also on Fox.  Gotta love Fox.

Found out today the library here is uber awesome and doesn't charge late fees =)

Started a book, when I went and took my laundry on Saturday.  I was more interested in watching Bones though so I haven't gotten very far into it.  It's the fifth book (I think?) in a series I really like from an author I adore.  They're historical mystery romances set in the 19th century, but trust me, they are not as gross as they sound.

My dad changed out the radiator in my car so that's one more thing done that is responsible and costs a lot of money!  Yuck.  Been on the low side of hours lately, but I've got 40 some odd hours coming to me next week and then school starts back up soon so there should be more hours available.  I hope things start working out better and I don't have to work nights anymore, or that enough night hours open that I don't have to work days.  Flipping back and forth really super wears me out, and it's definitely most probably not helping me when it comes to my weight and health. 

I have had the sniffles since Wesley was down in April.  So has he.  It is really weird, and it really sucks.

Decluttering is a stop and start process.  Went through a box and a bag yesterday, got about a small wastebasket full of garbage shit I've been holding onto for god knows why.  Also got some crap to donate/give away, and found a ton of pairs of earrings I thought were lost forever.  Wore some to work today and felt super cute.  I'm going to start wearing earrings or a necklace or something to work every day (that I'm not running profusely late, that is) so I start feeling better about myself and caring about myself more.

I guess I REALLY need to start taking better care of myself, hygienically, too.  Showering more regularly, shaving more often, spending time on myself.  Putting lotion on every day.  Because I deserve it.  I deserve luxurious pampering showers and having smooth moisturized skin and hair.  I hate this rash I've had on my head for a few weeks.  I hate sweating and I hate being dirty and I definitely hate germs.

I've started picking up stamps and ink pads here and there, from the dollar bin things at Michael's.  I really like rubber stamps, I get that from my Baba.  All her letters come with a stamp somewhere.  Which reminds me, I need to write her back.  She wrote me spontaneously, and included some gift dollars to McDonald's.  Super sweet <3.

I'm not sure what I'm going to declutter next.  Definitely want to go through the Christmas stuff and get it into different boxes.  I've got 2 empty rubbermaid bins, so I want to move away from cardboard boxes and move into more safe and secure storage. 

I put all my books on my shelves last week!  That's a good one.  I picked a few more to donate/pass along, and lightened my load a little more.  Now if I could just get inspired to start reading these damn magazines piling up....2 subscriptions have run out, Cosmo and GQ, so that's less coming in.  I need to pick up the pace and start actually reading them, because I decided whatever isn't read by the time I move to Seattle is going to the recycle bin.  If I can't read a few stacks of magazines in a year, I'm never going to read them. 

This post is far too long.

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