Friday, December 05, 2008

Keeping uptodate

Morg this is for you.

Found a new youTube channel, that is apparently all australian artists (

That shit is awesome.

I found a TON of new people I already love.

Missy Higgins is on there.

Already new about Something With Numbers.

I totally redid my myspace playlist, then the music stuff stopped working so I'm not quite done yet.

Especially love Michael Paynter & You Am I.

So when you have some listening time you should check out either that channel or my prof.

Also. I am totally getting addicted to Twitter. As much as I hate knowing at all times what everyone is doing....there's a certain....stability in knowing. Twitter is like, a site where you can text or go online to update, and only like 150 characters at a time. And you can follow whoever and whoever can follow you, and you can have it set so when certain people update it texts you with the update. I set a widget for mine at the top right.

Right now I'm just following my favorite youTubers who also Twitter. Including the 5ag. 5AwesomeGays. My fave youTube channel. It's 5 gay guys, and each guy has a day of the week, and they post a video on that day. They can talk about whatever, and they ask a question for everyone....two of the guys started dating. It is a really funny channel, they started way back when (and have posted 5 videos every week, obvi) and I'm just now getting to the middle of August, and I've been catching up for like a month. So yea, tons of videos.

I love youTube. It really is a community. You really feel like you get to know these people, and that they are a part of your life.

A lot like my book group.

But that's on the rocks right now too. Sometimes I think my personality is too strong for almost anybody. /sigh.

Back to Warcraft.

Which also reminds me. I feel like I have to compete against you know who, just to prove I'm not a crappy player. Like, if I ever see him in a city or w/e I make sure I compare our achievements and most of his are only because he has been playing for three years. Which gives me some kind of peace of mind, I guess.

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