Tuesday, September 23, 2008

From 04*25*07

1. I miss my Grampa

2. I hate St. Augustine. The town, the beach, the Walmart.

3. Butterscotch is amazing.

4. I overreact. I overreact fastly and hard.

5. I am a really good writer.

6. Punch drunk love. Punch-drunk is a condition where a boxer becomes disoriented after being hit in the head too much, it can lead to dementia. So punch drunk love is where you get hit head on with love and it makes you forget other things, it makes you lose sight.

7. Life is a lot easier if you just abide by the law.

8. Life is a lot cheaper if you just abide by the law.

9. Some things are not worth saving, and some people are not worth having around.

10. I love 100.5 the Buzz, Gainesville's Rock Alternative. No other station can you hear Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, Kaiser Chiefs, Weezer, Story of the Year, and O.A.R. in the same hour.

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